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The Pre School Curriculum

In Ballymoney Nursery School  we provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment where there is a wealth of appropriate equipment and input by qualified staff to meet the needs of your child.

We know that young children need to be actively involved and so most of their learning will take place through the medium of play.

These play experiences are carefully planned to create a challenging environment where development can take place.

Children are given the opportunities to investigate, satisfy their curiosity, explore their environment both indoors and outside, share the world of books, music and drama, experience success and develop a positive attitude towards learning.

Through a curriculum which is broad and balanced children are allowed to make choices and are provided with opportunities through play and other experiences to develop learning associated with:

Ballymoney Personal Social and Emotional Development
Ballymoney Physical Development and Movement
Ballymoney The Arts
Ballymoney Language Development
Ballymoney Early Mathematical Experiences
Ballymoney The World Around Us










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