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We in Ballymoney Nursery School have a Primary responsibility for the care, welfare and safety of the children in our care. There is a Child Protection Policy in place in the school and you are welcome to read it in its entirety at any time. In our Curriculum we teach children about possible dangers by helping them to recognise and deal with unwelcome behaviour in others.


All the staff and volunteers have been subject to appropriate background checks and guidelines have been drawn up to guide their behaviour towards the children. It may be necessary for the staff to change your child if they have had an accident but this will not be done without your permission, which we have already asked for on the Parental Permission form.


If you have a concern about your own or another child you should follow these procedures:


I have a concern about my/a child's safety





I can talk to the class teacher





If I am still concerned, I can talk to the Principal, Mrs M. Martin







 At any time I can contact Northern Gateway Single Point of Entry Team on:

0300 1234 333 

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