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It is the Policy of Ballymoney Nursery School to:

Provide a caring and stimulating environment into which the child
can settle easily and form positive attitudes towards school.

Build good positive relationships between parents and staff in
order that they can both share the child's experiences and work

Create an environment which is both planned and flexible to take
account of individual needs and interests.

Help children develop social skills and in doing so develop self
respect and respect for others.

Develop children's communication skills through contact with each
other and the adults in the school.

Help children gain self control and grow in self-confidence and
self-esteem, by providing opportunities for success in a wide
variety of areas.

Share with children the world of books, stories, rhymes, music and
the natural world around them.

Extend the child's concentration span and depth of understanding
through his own natural curiosity and interest.

Help children make the move to Primary School with ease.
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